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Come Swim With Us!


Star Swim Club has expanded, and we are excited to announce that we are now operating at two convenient locations:

       South Tampa: Loretta Ingraham Center (1611 N Hubert Ave, Tampa, FL 33607 )

       North Tampa: Calypso Indoor Pool Facility (401 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 )

Accepting children ages from 18 months to 8 years. Contact us today to sign up!



Star Swim Club is one of the most esteemed swim schools in Tampa Bay. Swim lessons are tailored to each student based on age and skill level. Our elite swim program was developed by Igor and Olena—a dynamic husband-and-wife team—based on decades of professional and athletic experience. Our swim classes are interactive, safe, and effective. Instructors stay inside the pool with their students at all times, and parents are invited to observe lessons directly from the pool deck.

Star Swim Club has been operating in Tampa Bay since 2004 and has helped thousands of children of all ages become avid swimmers.


Mission Statement

Safety is always our primary goal. Our mission is to teach your child how to feel and behave safely in any type of aquatic environment. We aim to instill in all our students an unwavering confidence in their swimming ability that can only be acquired through mastering proper swimming technique.


Benefits of Swimming

Teaching your child how to swim is essential for his or her safety. In Florida, where swimming pools, beaches, and lakes are everywhere, knowing that your child knows how to swim will bring the peace of mind to your family and allow your child to safely enjoy aquatic activities.

People enjoy swimming at all stages of their lives. Swim lessons are especially beneficial for children because swimming strengthens muscles, improves coordination, helps develop a healthy cardiovascular system, promotes overall fitness, builds character and discipline, and, most importantly, swimming is FUN!

Our Method

Safety is our number one priority. Here, at Star Swim Club, we strongly believe that a feeling of complete safety is an essential prerequisite to an effective learning process. For this reason, much is done to ensure that each baby, toddler, and child is ”friends” with water and is absolutely comfortable in the aquatic environment prior to any actual swimming taking place.

Individual attention is a must in any type of a learning process, and swimming is not an exception. In order for a child to learn and progress, the child must receive extensive personal attention, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. It is also crucial that all mistakes are detected and corrected at early stages. This is why we keep our class sizes small and are always personally present inside the pool. Our classes are formed such that children of similar age and skill level are grouped together, thus encouraging social and competitive interaction between children to achieve outstanding results in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.


Meet Our Instructors/Founders

Both Igor and Olena are former aquatic athletes themselves: Igor was an accomplished diver, and Olena had an exceptional career as a finswimmer. Igor was a member of the Ukrainian junior national diving team, while Olena was a member of both the Ukrainian and USSR national finswimming teams. Olena achieved some of her most impressive athletic accomplishments at the finswimming World Championship in Bologna, Italy in 1980, where she won the gold medal in 50 meter underwater dive, silver in 800 meter swim, and bronze in 1500 meter swim. Olena also set two world records in relay finswimming in 1979.

Olena and Igor met while attending the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine. After graduating in 1983, their athletic talents and love for children and swimming evolved into successful and rewarding lifelong careers as swim instructors.

When Igor and Olena moved to the United States in 1999, they continued their careers as swim teachers in South Tampa. Their unique approach to swim lessons earned the respect and recognition of the swimming community, and, in 2003, Olena received the Outstanding Teacher award from the United States Swim School Association.

In 2004, Olena and Igor started a new chapter in their lives when they materialized their most coveted dream of establishing their own swim school when they founded the Star Swim Club. Olena and Igor take immense pride in their craft and truly enjoy teaching swimming and working with children, which is why they each have over 30 years of experience in this field.

Give your child an opportunity to learn from the best!



Contact Us

South Tampa Location

   Loretta Ingraham Center
       1611 North Hubert Avenue
       Tampa, FL 33607
   Tel: 727-488-7963
   Email: info@starswimclub.com

North Tampa Location

   Calypso Tampa
       401 East Bearss Avenue
       Tampa, FL 33613
   Tel: 727-488-7963
   Email: info@starswimclub.com

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